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Lovely lively Spaces With Plants and No Worries

We collaborate with you during the whole process throughout consultation, design planning, complete project documentation, construction and maintanance.


  • Garden Design and Landscape Architecture

    We are garden designers and landscape architects. We work to make your environment healthier and more enjoyable.

  • Plants and Worries

    Sometimes we hear about people not growing any plants because it is hard, does not make any sense for them to do so or similar. However plants bring many benefits into our lives. We are here as profesionals to help you with plant selection, natural design or construction.

  • Why Plants, Gardens, Greenery?

    According to research, interior plants clean up the interior space from chemical and toxic elements. Seeing greenery around us calms our mind. They positively influence people´s well-being. Nature is the main part of the environment.

Do You Like Natural Design?

Send us an email with your observations, questions and requests. We will be happy to answer and find a solution for you.

We Design and Create Interior and Exterior Green Spaces.

A Little Bit about Positive Effects of Plants

In 2014 the „Nature, Health & Design Laboratory" was developed in Kopenhagen. The team behind this lab created project of terapuetic forest garden "Nacadia" to help people with psychic diseases. Also they created project of healing forest "Octovia" which serves as prevention from ilnesses and supports health and well-being.

Stigsdotter et al. 2014

There are many toxic substances in interior spaces like oxids, formaldehyde, dust, mites, fungi, pesticides, chemicals... Plants are able to naturaly filter the air and environment for us. According to research, plants can clean interior environment from toxic and chemical substances as well as bacteria by 50 to 60%. They can also increase air humidity to eliminate breathing problems resulting from dry air and have positive visual influence as well.


S.E.Doyle 2013